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Hello from the new guy
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Author:  ASA335 [ Fri Oct 06, 2006 4:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Hello from the new guy

Welp, I’m a new guy here. A little about me-self:

Born and raised in a smallish town (Milwaukie) outside Portland, Oregon.

Drafted (among the last) into the Army in 1972.

First the Army made me a Watercraft Operator (landing craft) - I don’t swim.

I switched to Arty as a Forward Observer in 1974 - after I got “just missed� by my own units guns, I asked myself what the future looked like for an ex-FO in the civilian word; the answers didn’t look promising.

Made my final switch to what was known as the US Army Security Agency (USASA or ASA) in ’76 - loved it!

When they deactivated ASA in ’78 I remained with Military Intelligence until I retired in ’94.

Today I’m a sergeant with a Department of Public Safety (College Law Enforcement).

My hobbies are -

Firearms - Collect, shoot, and teach. I shot competition for almost twenty years, taught (coached) for about eighteen years, was a Plant Manager for Kimber Firearms, etc…

History - Especially Historical Reenactment (French and Indian Wars, Civil War, and American Mountain Man periods)

Gaming - Primarily Strategy (Age of Empires, Total War, Civilization) and First Person Shooter (Rainbow 6/Raven Shield, Call of Duty, America’s Army), and have recently decided to try out Flight Sims (Microsoft CFS 1, 2, and 3; and now AH2)

Teaching - (OK, this is also one of the jobs I’ve had / I do - but I do it for free also because I like it.) Shooting (as mentioned above), Hunter Ed (specialty classes like handgun hunting, muzzleloader hunting, tracking/trailing, survival, etc…), Use of Force, Baton and OC, Field Training and Evaluation Program, etc…

Photography - (just getting back into it after twenty years away - love these new digital cameras)

Ya'll take care,

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