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PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 12:41 pm 
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Bigdaddy wrote:
Well the guy went broke and is no longer making one bought it....but if you have 15k you can buy it off of ebay :D ... dZViewItem
oh what happend did they shoot it and the bullet go right through or something

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2007 3:36 pm 
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Sturmwehr wrote:
Bjorn wrote:
...I really think you arn't getting the point, it goes way beyond simple image recognition, the AI is dynamic meaning the robot actually can learn and apply knowlege.

Yes, through trial and error. As I said, the same software is being used for checkout counters now.

The AI isn't some HAL 9000 "YOU ARE SAD BECAUSE YOUR FATHER SEXUALLY ABUSED YOU..." type robot. It puts digital pointers on hard points on the face, and depending on the orientation, it will determine what the emotion is. It isn't always right, either. And, YES, it is stemmed from the facial recognition software.

There is no learning, only trial and error. When I setup a TiVo, I go through 500 yes or no recommendations, and eventually the damn thing learns what I want through sheer trial and error over time. Same thing with this robot, if it gets it wrong, it's told so and its programming puts either more stringent limits or higher requirements for facial patterns.

It's. That. Simple. It isn't dynamic. It's novel, I'll give you that... but nothing dynamic.

ASMIO's AI is nothing more than a set of intructions that allow it to walk up anything it "sees" as stairs in the newest 2005 showcase of the robot. It can hardly walk without help, for example if you put it in a normal house hold within minutes the robot would be either walking in circles or stuck.

ASIMO can indeed walk without help, both downstairs and upstairs. Also, I think you prove your point - it's much more difficult to walk on stairs than have a facial recognition program and a digital camera scan facial hardpoints and "determine" what emotion it is. I'd also like to see the toy robots of your kits weigh several dozen pounds and be as tall as a small child... and then walk up stairs. Good luck.

And, in fact, ASIMO can now pick up objects.

...Did you even watch those?

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