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 Post subject: On Spam Bots
PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:57 pm 
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I really need to post a thread about how to deal with spam bots. So here is what should be done when a spam thread is posted:

Step I- Nothing
Step II- Forget it ever happened
Step III- Go about posting on other threads

Posting in a spam thread telling the bot to fornicate a lemur will not decrease spam, however, it is very gratifying, but you must restrain yourself from this action. Don't post saying "DerMann should really delete this thread." Chances are I will delete it withing 3 hours of you posting that.

Someone pointed out that I should delete the accounts. A few problems with that idea. Firstly, I don't have the power to do so, I can't even IP Ban. Secondly, deleting the accounts doesn't really improve anything, as I can safely assume that 99.9% of the time one account only posts one thread, if that. And lastly, it will most probably not affect you personally. If anything it makes our community look larger ;)

I am not a perfect being, I have been just locking spam threads. From now on, I will be deleting them as soon as I find them, which there should be a short amount of time from the time the thread is very short, for I check the forums a good 3-5 times a day and they are usually open in one of my tabs.

Please make sure you comply with this, it will make my job a lot easier.

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